My name is Kemane,
I've been working as a professional Illustrator, concept artist and animator for over 10 years  for video games, films and commercials, cocreating a large variety of projects.
I have a huge passion for teaching art, and an even greater passion for unteaching creative blockages. So despite the fact that Illustration and Concept art are a super valuable resource in the entertainment industry, there is so much more to being fluent in a visual language of shapes and colors. Having the ability to actually solidify your thoughts and visions on a canvas is a wonderful tool to use for a personal expression.

in this class we will dive right in to the techniques that will give you a great foundation to expand your understanding of digital painting

From Creating your own Custom brushes
all the way to creating a full conceptual artwork.

this class got you covered with a highly intuitive and efficiant learning approach ftom start to finish in 100% Realtime No timelapses, No Parts Skipped. So if you just fell in love with the world of digital art and want to deepen your knowledge or get out of the beginners stage, this might be the perfect class for you!

All learning material is included!

  • Custom Brushes
  • Photoshop Files
  • Textures

Concept Art Essentials

A complete guide to digital painting. From start to finish. 100% real time, no time lapses, no parts skipped.

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